Tracking down the biggest folders

Finding the largest files to clean up a partition is very important.

The command will list the largest folders so you can start your search to remove the files in it and free up some space!

du -ax --max-depth 1 /var/cpanel | sort -n | tail

This is a great command to simply find what folders are the biggest in a directory. You can replace the /var/cpanel with any folder and it will list everything in there and how big they are in order.

Once you find the big folder then search inside of that to find the biggest folder in there and so on.

Sort and find a directory size

The easiest and fastest way is:
du -sh *
But if you want to search recursively and display in order you need this one:
du -h --max-depth=1 /home/ | sort -n -r
And if you want even more depth try:
du -s ./* | sort -n| cut -f 2-|xargs -i du -sh {}
I recommend trying all three with a fairly small folder to see which one you like best, the progressively (as they go down) require more cpu and time to run.
Also if you want just to find a directory size try this:
du -h /usr/