Unix cheat sheet

Telnet Telnet allows you to login, albeit insecurely, to any remote machine running a telnet server. Telnet will allow you to open a shell and use simple command line unix tools on the remote machine. >telnet fred In this example, imagine you are telnetting to a machine named “fred”. Sometimes you may have to use… Continue reading Unix cheat sheet

Htaccess Tips and Tricks

1) Stopping hackers 2) Stopping site snagging (offline viewing) 3) Stopping Hotlinking 4) Multiple Domain Names: Shared Members Areas Section 1) Stopping hackers The most common way of protecting your members only area is with, as I’m sure you know, a filed named .htaccess sitting in your server’s member’s folder. This file is used by… Continue reading Htaccess Tips and Tricks

The history of Linux

This article is about operating systems that use the Linux kernel. For the kernel itself, see Linux kernel. For other uses, see Linux (disambiguation). Linux Tux, the penguin, mascot of Linux Tux, the penguin, mascot of the Linux kernel OS family Unix-like Latest stable release (Linux kernel) / 18 December 2007 Kernel type Monolithic… Continue reading The history of Linux