How to upgrade mysql on a Cpanel Cloud Linux server

How to install new package: 1) yum install governor-mysql –enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing 2) /usr/share/lve/dbgovernor/ –install For upgrading to MySQL 5.5(for example), you should to do: 1) /usr/share/lve/dbgovernor/db-select-mysql –mysql-version=mysql55 2) /usr/share/lve/dbgovernor/db-select-mysql –install-now 3) You will need cPanel to rebuild php through easyapache next to finish the procedure.

Setting up Cpanel over Centos 6 minimal

Set up networking: vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 hit “i” to insert text. Make the file look like this: DEVICE=”eth0″ HWADDR=”leave the same” NM_CONTROLLED=”yes” ONBOOT=”yes” IPADDR=66.249.*.* BOOTPROTO=none NETMASK=255.255.255.* GATEWAY=66.249.*.* DNS1=66.249.*.* DNS2=66.249.*.* DNS3=66.249.*.* USRCTL=yes Then click the esc key Then click control : Then type x and hit enter to save. Then restart your nic card: /etc/init.d/network restart or… Continue reading Setting up Cpanel over Centos 6 minimal

Manually changing an IP in Linux

It’s pretty easy actually. Just go to this directory: /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts Then you will see a file for eachnetwork port, for example my server is: ifcfg-eth0 and ifcfg-eth1 I already have the ifcfg-eth0 set up from the install but I want to use the second one for back ups so I just opened the file and… Continue reading Manually changing an IP in Linux