How to import and export a large mysql file

If you need to import or export a large mysql file, you can forget about phpmyadmin. I was stuck with a 2 gig file and needed a solution. The easiest and only way I could find was to upload the file through root with winSCP and run these command.

To export:
mysqldump --opt -Q -u username_username -p username_db > /home/dwhs_wrdprss1.sql

To import:
mysql -u username_username -p username_db < /home/dwhs_wrdprss1.sql

Rasing hard limits in apache maxclients through cpanel


It’s trickier to raise the hard apache user limit now with apache 2.2. In 1.3 you just changed a number in the httpd.conf file. Now you need to do it in cpanel or it will be over written with each cpanel update.

  1. Open WHM and click
  2. Apache Configuration
  3. Include Editor
  4. Pre Main Include
  5. Choose your apache version in the drop down box
  6. Then add the code below to the box, or change the code as needed and then add it.
  7. Then restart apache

ServerLimit 512
StartServers 32
MinSpareServers 5
MaxSpareServers 20
MaxClients 512
MaxRequestsPerChild 1000