Forum Black List gets a needed update

forum black list

Forum Black List gets a needed update ( ) Since the launch in 2006 has not been updated. The project ran by President and individual webmaster Charles Yarbrough ( )
was seem to be left aside until 1/17/2008 where the size of the blacklist became over 4 times it size according to the site owner. Other new features include easier deployment
into PHPBB ( ).

The site that is kind of a eye sore ( in my opinion ) is now a great defense against forum spam and will knock about 60% of all forum spammers. The only question that comes up
is that spam is an ongoing battle, so will Charles take the initiative to seek out new open ip’s used for spamming and if so will it ever truly be enough to get rid of spam.

I for one hope so and wish the project all the luck.

Good luck,

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Bob Bicknell